We would like you to consider the following recommendations, which allow you and yours have a better stay

a.-  You must be noted in the Register of Passengers.-

b.- You must cancel when getting into the outside area.-

c.- Demand your receipt or invoice.-

d.- Respect the schedules of entry and departure procedures and you will avoid unnecessary extra charges. Take in mind that the permanence day is considered from 14:00 hours until 12:00 AM the next day. –

e.- Do not bathe after eating or drinking alcoholic beverages without having rest at least two hours or in risky places which may expose you and yours in danger.

f.- Take out your trash bags to the containers which are on the outside to be removed. Do not throw papers or trash in places which are not appropriated to do that.

g.- Drive your vehicle in a prudent way. Respect trails and parking lots enabled or allowed.

h.- Respect the rest of the tourists or visitants, since you and the rest of people deserve to enjoy the privacy and tranquility of the place.

i.- Enjoy and take care the surroundings and facilities of the place as if they were yours. This is going to show your cultural habits which will allow others to do the same.

j.- The Administration may request the immediate abandonment of the site, without the right to make any claim or ask to get back money if you commit a sin, fault, offence to endanger people morally, or if  you damage the facilities, indecency and decency. The administration won’t be responsible on any exposure and / or risk his/her own life and others.

 k.- Remember that kids are your exclusive responsibility, take  care yourself so you will be able  to take care of them.

 l.-  Don’t smoke into the cabins.-

m.- Don’t make bonfires.


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